About R. J. Tessier Quality Home Builder

Our Philosophy

rjtessier_buildingYou want to build a custom home for one reason: because you know that no matter how many houses you walk through and fantasize about remodeling, you’ll never find an existing one that measures up to your ideal of your dream home. It is that “ideal” that brings people to us. Because we do more than just design and build custom homes. We have a special skill – the ability to draw out your ideas, so that when we put pencil to paper and hammer to nail, the end result is a home that not only reflects your lifestyle but also enhances your life. And that’s YOUR dream home.

House Plan Design and Customization

houseplansWould a few changes turn your favorite home plan into your dream home plan?

Our expert design and modification services can custom design your new home. Or, we can modify your own first-choice home plan to become your dream home plan. You tell us what you’d like in your dream home and we’ll put those dreams on paper, starting from scratch or a pre-drawn blueprint.

Building Your Home Requires a Team

We at R.J. Tessier, have a system and a process for building a house that will last a lifetime and meet not only your current needs, but your desires for change and future developments. We have built a truly symbiotic relationship with all our subcontractors and vendors. Most of our subcontractors have worked with us for over a decade. Our builders help design your home, and our designers help build your home.

We all work together, so that when unanticipated problems arise (anticipating all the unknowns is a virtual impossibility in this business), the process of smoothing out the path of construction goes easier. It’s easier because our customers are a valued and critical part of our team. We don’t make decisions for you. Instead we all work together to make sure you get what you want.

And as the process continues, you’ll notice you will feel an ever-growing sense of ownership, as a result of the process because you were a part of it. Upon completion, you’ll say, “This is my new home that I helped design and build.” We value that feeling, and we’re quite sure you won’t get it from working with other custom home builders because they don’t work the way we do.

Honesty and Trust

We have become distributors for building products we feel are exceptional, but not available in the area. We deal only with suppliers who meet our demanding standards and with whom we have established relationships. But perhaps most importantly, we talk clearly about pricing and cost. We know you don’t like surprises and we don’t either. We work hard to address all your desires and needs before work starts. This eliminates ‘extras’ during the building process. We strive to have all upgrades spelled out and priced in the contract so clients can consider their options at each stage of the project. When you work with us, you’ll work with customer-oriented accounting worksheets and contracts. Everything is all spelled out because in a business full of unknowns and surprises, we like to keep those at a minimum. We are committed to making the challenge of building your dream home as smooth as possible. We offer a full range of services to make sure that happens.

History of R.J. Tessier Builders

R. J. Tessier | Builder of Quality HomesMy name is Bob Tessier. I was raised in a DYI family. My father taught me at a young age, “if you want something done right, do it yourself”.  Ok, maybe there was the lesson of “it’s cheaper to do it yourself” too. My father taught me woodworking and carpentry as I grew up. In high school when most of my friends were spending their summers working at McDonald’s, I worked for a contractor, an HVAC company, an excavator and started my own business doing carpentry. I went to the University of New Hampshire for civil engineering. During my sophomore year I made the choice to pursue my dream of being a police officer. I was hired by the Dover Police Department. My love for carpentry never left me and, while working as a detective in charge of the crime scene unit, I started a carpentry business. I spent nights and weekends installing Solatube Skylights, building decks and doing other carpentry jobs. In 2000, after 10 years with the police department I was offered and accepted a job as a project manager for a local developer/builder.  After 6 months working as a project manager I realized the company was not offering the level customer service I would want as a client. Believing, ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself’, I started R.J. Tessier Builders. Since 2000, we have completed commercial renovations and built over 100 homes and additions. I have kept the company small to insure an unwavering commitment to providing absolute customer satisfaction. In 2010, I became a licensed Home Inspector. This allows us to offer not only presale and HUD inspections but during construction inspections on new homes and renovations.